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Please note that our office is currently unstaffed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to try to provide service by telephone and email communication.


The right lawyer for you should be ...

Many have heard how legal fees can escalate beyond expectation. You and your lawyer should set a budget at the beginning on the cost of completing the legal process, and be able to follow it.

There are many areas of law, each with its own complexities and pitfalls. Your lawyer should have expertise in the areas you need, or be able to refer you to a specialist who does.

Some legal problems have different solutions, some which you may favour and others you may wish to avoid. Your lawyer should be able to listen to your concerns and goals and work towards the result that you want.

For a free consultation on the legal services we can offer to you, please call us at 519.657.8985 for an appointment.

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